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One of the most entertaining and fun shows I’ve ever seen in Las Vegas. Michael is the muthaf$*#in man!

— IceT

My friends and I talked with you for awhile on Sunday night just outside the theatre. We wanted to let you know that you were truly the highlight of our trip, in fact, your show was really the only thing we enjoyed!

Thank you again for making me smile and laugh, I really needed it.

— Karin

While on vacation in Vegas me, my wife and our friends went to see your show. My wife Lori (the Blondie tossed salad girl) and my friend’s wife both volunteered for your show and had a blast. Not as much fun as we had watching but still a great time. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. We look forward to seeing your show again when we come back to Vegas. Every time I get the chance I spread the word about your show. We wish you continued success and look forward to seeing you again and again.

— M. & L. Meaux, San Diego, CA

I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time at your show on January 21, 2006 at the Stardust. I had never been to a hypnosis show before and didn’t know what to expect. I enjoyed it but was rushed out afterward by the people I was with and would like to know if it might be possible to purchase a DVD from that nights performance…

— Terry

I just wanted to tell you, your show was great and we were glad we were able to go. You are awesome. We are the people from Iowa that were there in October and our daughter Laurie was in your show. (I was the one who could not get hypnotized). I believe one of the other guys by Laurie was Tyrone??? Anyway the whole show was really great and I highly recommend it. I was telling my boss about your show and he happens to be going to Las Vegas Dec. 10-15, will you be at the Stardust at that time and how do we go about getting tickets?
P.S. I recommended your show over Lance Burton!! Best regards,

— L. Grube

Not sure what to expect from a comedy hypnotist, we decided to roll the dice and volunteer to be hypnotized as part of the show. After feeling up a 60 year old woman and generally making asses out of ourselves, we give this show great marks.

— Keenan Hall

I have to say your show was one of the best shows I have seen in Las Vegas. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I live here in Vegas and I am going to take all of my family and friends who come out to visit me to your show. Thanks.

— Christina

Thank you, thank you for the funniest show I have ever seen. My Husband (Brack) and our son (Dustin) were both on stage with you. You were the best, you knew how to work them and it was great! Kelli (Dustin’s girl) and I were sitting up close so we enjoyed all of their facial expressions, and they were priceless!!! We both bought a tape of the show, I’m having mine transferred to a DVD, and seeing if they can delete some of the back ground noise. We’re having a “Hypnotist gone Wild” watching party for all of our friends and family. I noticed you will be in Arlington, Texas on September 23-24, 2005. Dustin and Kelli both live in Arlington, and we live in Hurst, about 15 minutes away. We will be at your show! We have a bakery in Hurst, Creative Memories Inc., I will bring you a welcome to Texas cake, yum! Thanks for sharing the love all over, not just Vegas. Looking forward to another great show. Thanks for the laughs.

— Sharon Whitley

His degree of professional showmanship is tremendous. Our entire audience was both entertained and captivated. Needless to say , he was a pure pleasure to have.

— Jada Hallberg Pocahantas Chamber of Commerce

My name is Jessica Lanning. My sister and I attended your hypnotist show at the Funny Bone June 17th and enjoyed it so much that I took my mom and dad the next night to celebrate her birthday and father’s day. Everyone enjoyed it! You are the best hypnotist we have ever seen! We are looking forward to your next show here in town! We will definitely be getting tickets for it! Thanks for coming to BR….. maybe I’ll see you in Las Vegas one day!

— Jessica Lanning

Met @ 9:15 to walk down to Hendricks hall to see the hypnotist, Michael Johns. It was hilarious!!! Much better than the project grad one. I was dying of laughter. But before than, we got there like an hour earlier to get a good seat since seats pack up

— Anonymous online journal entry

His performance was outstanding to say the least. I would recommend Michael Johns anywhere, even the hardest of situations. He is the best!!!!

— Kim Morris Greenfield 20 year class Reunion

Out of our 6 day stay in Vegas, your show was definitely the highlight.

— K & M Newell

He did an outstanding job and the kids really enjoyed his show. I heard from many of the kids that he was the best hypnotist they’d seen.

— Julie Larson Ames Post Prom Co-Chair

Michael Johns was AWESOME!!

— Shelley Kempenar Valmont Industries

After recently being on holiday in Vegas we decided to come see your show. I can honestly say that I’ve not laughed so much in a long time, probably the best show I’ve ever seen. A couple of nights later we decided to go see the one at the Tuscany but we were very disappointed as it didn’t even compare to your show especially at more than twice the price. I will definitely recommend it to anybody who’s going to Vegas. Another nice touch was the way you make your way around the bar afterwards to speak to each party individually.

— Lee M.. York,England

One of the highlights of a recent trip to Vegas was seeing Michael Johns, a comedy hypnotist, he was awesome!! I would highly recommend catching his show next time you’re in Vegas or if he comes to your town. Definitely worth it!

— A TripAdvisor User, Scottsdale, AZ

As a participant in Vegas, and an audience member in St. Louis, I can say this is the BEST SHOW ever. The level of energy is great, and the entire crowd Loved the show. I will recommend Michael Johns to all my friends and family, and plan to see him every chance I get.

— Nancy Schappe, St. Louis.

…you had an amazing show, I LOVE stand-up comedy, I’ve saw George Carlin perform in Eau Claire last year, and I didn’t laugh as hard as I laughed tonight.

— Matt Giles Luther Midelfort Hospital

Yo Michael…Great show! My wife, my dad and I really enjoyed the entertainment. My side still hurts from laughing! I will be sure to volunteer next time!! I was too chicken… and now regret it. Also, The Harmon Theatre is a great Intimate Venue.

— Demo Salgado – Los Angeles, CA

On our last night in Vegas, my boyfriend Ray and I came to your show and just had to let you know how much fun we had! We have both always been curious about hypnosis and so we came on stage hoping to find out if we could be hypnotized. The answer is YES, and it was just awesome! We had a great time! We’ll watch the DVD we got at the show and laugh our asses off over and over again. Thanks, you’re the best and sooooo funny, can’t wait till our next trip to see you again.

— Rene’

Ha!  I loved it!
This is by far the best show in Las Vegas! I was laughing so hard when I watched the DVD of the show!  Can’t wait to go to Vegas again, I’ll be sure to go again!

— Z – Croatian from the stage 🙂

Your show topped my whole trip to Vegas! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did that night. While still in Vegas, and even now that I’m back home, I tell everyone I can about your show and how they have to see it! I only wish I would have purchased the DVD just so we could watch it again and laugh all over! Next time I plan a trip to Vegas your show will be first on my list of things to do!

— Carla W. – Rockford, IL

What a great show!! We really enjoyed it better than anything else we did here, including (by far) Andrew Dice Clay. I can’t believe that chic tried to steal that t-shirt off the table – what a loser!!

— Carol B.

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