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SuccessFit Trance-formation Weight Loss Program

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You will learn how too cook and prepare the foods you are hypnotized to eat with our 90 minute cooking healthy DVD.

Obesogens in food create food addiction but, you can break this cycle of reward/restriction right now, and lose as much weight as your body needs while enjoying healthy and great tasting food!

This program will show you exactly how the food pyramid will make you fat, and how you can easily adapt a new lifestyle of eating without cutting out the foods you love to eat. That's won't have to give up juicy and delicious meats, filling breads or even the almighty dessert!

4 Complete Audio Hypnosis sessions on 2-CD's will reprogram your subconscious mind to break your addiction to obesogens and allow you to live your life to the fullest. The hypnosis sessions also reinforce healthy choices, promote development of new habits and enjoyable exercise or daily activity.


This Program Pack Includes:

90 Minute SuccessFit Teaching DVD – You will learn the truth about diets and why they fail. You will learn what is wrong with the food pyramid. You will learn how to break the cycle of yo-yo diets. But most importantly, you will learn a new style of eating – one that will not only help you lose weight but one that will make you healthy.

Four Complete Hypnosis Sessions - These sessions are on audio CD and can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. Hypnosis is not magic, rather the science of hypnosis is a tool for reprogramming unhealthy learned behaviors. By listening to these CDs and taking action on the learnings contained you will experience a transformation that will make change natural, normal and healthy. You will achieve your ideal weight and you will restore health and prevent dietary related disease.

90 Minute SuccessFit Recipe DVD – Fourteen awesome and delicious easy to prepare foods all demonstrated on DVD. One of the biggest problems to changing lifestyle is knowing HOW to prepare healthy foods. This DVD focuses on practical and healthy simple to prepare recipes. From breakfast to dinner – and even dessert, you will want to start eating right immediately after viewing this DVD.

SuccessFit Healthy Eating Packet - a collection of recipes from the DVD and healthy eating tips. This disc is a .pdf and contains valuable information for your success.

SuccessFit Professionals Guide – For hypnosis professionals seeking CEU hours from this material, a pre and post test is provided so you can earn approved CEU hours from Peachtree Professional Education. This course offers 5 hours of CEU credit. Additional material for the professional will be valuable to you as you help clients achieve their weight loss goals.