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SuccessFit Kitchen DVD – 14 Healthy Recipes (Single DVD Only)

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90 Minute SuccessFit Recipe DVD – Fourteen awesome and delicious easy to prepare foods all demonstrated on DVD. One of the biggest problems to changing lifestyle is knowing HOW to prepare healthy foods. This DVD focuses on practical and healthy simple to prepare recipes. From breakfast to dinner – and even dessert, you will want to start eating right immediately after viewing this DVD.his is the SuccessFit healthy Kitchen DVD Only. If you want the complete program order on the other page.

You will learn healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes. Each item shows the ingredients, the process and provides alternatives for vegan or vegetarian diets.

You will enjoy these easy to make healthy recipes. Things like "Mexican Hummus" and a hearty and healthy Tom Yum Soup. Learn how to cook using Tempeh, and make a salad like a pro. You will learn how ingredients affect health and how to maximize your health.

You can have the desire to eat healthy, but unless you learn how to do it, you will not change. You have already taken the steps to tranceforming life, now learn the strategy for doing it! All recipes are designed to be healthy, fast, with easy to find ingredients.