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Quit Smoking with Subliminal Science Affirmations Audio Download

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Quit Smoking
with Subliminal Science Messages

Subliminal recordings have a pleasant musical track supplemented with voice messages that play just under the normal range of hearing, but are still picked up by the subconscious mind. As with hypnosis, this brain level is where powerful changes can occur.

Subliminal messages are repetitive, helping you to override the negative repeating messages you've been taught since you began smoking. You can replace concepts such as "I must smoke when I drive" and "smoking calms me down" with healthy affirmations like "I like breathing clean air" and "I feel great being a non-smoker."

Once you download the audio file to your computer, you can burn it to a CD or add it to your MP3 player, to listen at your convenience every day, for the next 21 days, and stop smoking. Consistent listening is key. You did not develop the bad habit of smoking over night, and so it can take a few weeks for the new healthy messages to begin cancelling out the old negative ones. When you listen, there will be an audible introduction about the use of subliminals, and then relaxing music will play, with the important suggestions for change in subliminal format under the music tones.

Watch this sample video demonstration on how subliminal messages work for smoking cessation:

Do not listen while driving. Not a substitute for prescribed medical treatments.