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Jan 22nd, 2012 | Category: Blog

How TheAngrySheep got his “MBA” from a gangster rapper



So, there I was, 36 years old, have a multimillion-dollar a year company, driving a Lamborghini to work, and “popping bottles” in the clubs like a retarded monkey. Life is goooooood! I’m thinking I have the world by the shorthairs. Sounds great right?!? Not so fast my little sheeplets!


Fast forward 5 years (insert freaky time travel music here), I find myself upside down on a damn mortgage I cant afford, what little amount of money I had saved from the glory days was gone, my stable of cars had gone from Aston Martins, Porsche 911’s and Italian supercars, to a Mini Cooper and a Jeep with bald tires.


My friends who were more than happy to be around me when I was paying the way and hadn’t a worry in the world, had disappeared! My “entourage” was gone! What happened to my legions of  “friends”? Is it possible that they were just using me for what I had and what I could do for them? Say it isn’t so!!


Anyway, now my house is going to be foreclosed on, my business is inhaling its final breath, my incredibly hot and shallow girlfriend is reminding me that her previous boyfriends all had lot’s of money, lived in much bigger houses than the one I am about to lose and that when all is said and done, I should be grateful that she is hanging out with a loser like me.


REALLY? What did I do so wrong? I know I’m an idiot and made lots of mistakes, but do I deserve this? All these bad things that are happening to me, I was following “The Plan” dammit! Do I deserve this?!?


The simple answer is….wait for it….wait for it….YES…. I deserved everything bad that came my way! What? Did you expect TheAngrySheep to blame his misfortune on someone else? Not going to happen. I did it and I accept the consequences of my idiotic behavior. Do you have any idea how freeing that is?


Want to hear more? Read on….


What the hell happened??


Here is what happened…. I bought into the status quo. Without even realizing it, I had become the one thing I never wanted to be… A SHEEP!!  A follower!!


This is the GREAT plan in no specific order…

Settle down/Start a family

Buy a house

Start a business/Get a job

Scrimp and save for that once a year trip to Vegas or Disneyland

Choke on massive debt buying things to impress people you don’t like

Fund a 401k or IRA by throwing money at something you really don’t understand

Pay your taxes like a good American





Get the picture?


But wait! There’s more! Here come’s the “best” part:


When you are old, tired and unable to enjoy what life has to offer, you sell everything you have, move to Boca Raton, buy a condo and wait to die. Leaving behind whatever you have been fortunate enough to save, hoard or gather to your ungrateful children and grandkids. You remember them? The ones who always forget to call? Yep!


AHHHHHHHH! The American Dream!!!  Sounds great doesn’t it? Where do I sign?


Well, we’ve made it this far together. For some reason, you have kept reading. Is it because you also have made mistakes? Is it because you can relate to what the Sheepster is laying down? Can you dig it?


Listen, TheAngrySheep would rather light a candle, than curse your darkness! (A really famous guy once said something like that. I think it was John Goodman in “Raising Arizona”. Great movie BTW. But I digress…)


Did you think for a minute that I would drag you through all of that, pour my soul out in written form, depress you like a nasty gram from the IRS and not give you anything in return? Well, did you?!?


Not a chance my furry 2 legged Sheeple friends. That’s not how TheAngrySheep rolls!!



HERE is the GOOD news…Are YOU ready for it?


I decided enough was enough! I decided I wasn’t going to live like this anymore! Right here, right now, it was time to make a change and take action!!!


We will get more into detail later but I’m going to tell you this once, so pull up a chair, crack a cold one and listen up…If I did it, so can you. If I, the self appointed leader of TheAngrySheep revolution could take action and create what I wanted, so can you.


You see, as much as I hate to admit it, I am no different than anyone reading this. I came from nothing, I had no special advantages in life, and no one gave me anything. I made a decision. That’s right, the first of many but that one decision changed my course, my life, and my destiny. What was it, you ask?


I decided that I wanted more. I wanted more out of my relationships, my finances, and my quality of life. I was no longer willing to settle. I would do whatever it took as long as it was legal, ethical, harmed no people, animals or the planet, fit within my moral compass, and made me feel good about me.  Do you get where I am coming from? I decided to step up and take ACTION!!


You were expecting something else? What, that’s not good enough for you?


Fine! Read on!


Cutting to the proverbial chase in 3…2…1…


Now, I’m following my dreams! Money concerns are a thing of the past! My relationships are empowering and uplifting! My debt is gone! I look at my bank accounts and smile instead of crying like a baby sheep. (I know, its called a lamb, but it doesn’t get my point across)


Are you happy with where you are in life? I doubt it since you took the time to read this far! Do you want more? Of course you do!


This is not a magic bullet! There is no “one way” for everyone! TheAngrySheep is here to provide thoughts and ideas, mantras and philosophies! Take what you want and discard what doesn’t fit you!


The main thing is DO SOMETHING NOW!!! Did you hear that? I used all caps, which means TheAngrySheep is yelling to get a point across!  DO SOMETHING NOW!!!! Take action! Burn the boats! Life is a garden, DIG IT!! Who dares wins! All that good stuff!!


Look, I realize I never got to the part about the rapper! Patience my friends. Patience. That’s part two of this story…


Lets talk soon!

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