At Night, the Music Plays, the Jokes Get Racy, but Clothes Stay On

Aug 2nd, 2007 | Category: In the Press

What: “Dirty: Rock Hard Comedy Hypnosis”
When: 11 p.m. Sundays through Fridays
Where: House of Blues
Tickets: $42.95 to $53.45; 632-7600
(Please keep in mind these are old show dates. View our Show Schedule for our current show dates, times, and locations.)

From clean to dirty, the House of Blues is covering all bases.

While the atmosphere in the magic show is wholesome, bright and untainted by four-letter words, the hypnosis show is laced with profanity, provocative and adult on every level.

“Before we came here our show was very risque,” says Michael Johns, whose co-star, Terry Stokes, was performing out of town. “This show, ‘Dirty,’ has taken that to a whole other level.”

The first 25 minutes of the show – the part where Johns prepares the audience and the volunteers for what to expect – involves a lot of comedy.

“I come from a stand-up background,” Johns says. “In my show you’ve really got to pay attention because I’m always throwing out one-liners.”

He says because of his unusual background the show is a blend of hypnotism and stand-up.

“The combination of the two makes it different from anything else in Vegas,” Johns says.

Also making a difference is Stokes. He isn’t as raunchy as his partner and carries a different air about him – sophisticated to Johns’ streetwise persona.

When Stokes is out of town Johns carries the show. When Stokes is in town the two usually rotate nights. In the past they have sometimes shared the stage, playing off of one another.

“It’s a good partnership,” Johns says. “Sometimes we do a two-man show … we try to outdo each other onstage.”

Johns says adding a live band to the mix has been a big improvement. The group plays several rock numbers while the audience is being seated.

“The energy level in the room is unbelievable,” Johns says.

A dozen or so people are brought to the stage and hypnotized. They simulate smoking pot, watching porn, sitting in vibrating chairs and performing other actions of an adult nature.

“But there’s no nudity,” Johns says. “We don’t humiliate anybody. A lot of shows will get somebody onstage and trash them. We never have and never will, but we do step over the line of good taste.”

Copyright and Published by the Las Vegas Sun on August 2, 2007