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Feb 1st, 2007 | Category: Interviews

HYPNOSIS UNLEASHED! is a perfect description for comedian/hypnotists Terry Stokes’ and Michael Johns‘ Vegas show. Your jaw will drop (just like it may have years ago when you very first, naively had a glimpse of one of the Girls Gone Wild-video advertisements.) You will find yourself saying: “No way-he’s gonna actually do it!” The hilarious, adult fun can be seen by both comedian hypnotists as they share their venue and perform individually on separate nights. Their comedic style is very different, which makes it fun to go a second time, not only to get a chance to see both performers, but you’ll also see a whole new gang of participants. Maybe you, yourself, will decide to join the hypnosis hilarity and jump up on stage and become a star in the show.

SLV found out some interesting background history, while interviewing these two hilarious showmen.

SLV: After high school you joined the Army. Was it difficult to suppress your comedic personality during your military years?

Michael: You know, I was always in a lot of trouble. I was never the kind of guy who knew when to keep his mouth shut. I did a lot of push-ups. When I got out, my upper body, I was pretty ripped.

SLV: (laughter) When did you decide that you wanted to be a hypnotist?

Michael: I was actually doing stand-up. When I was in the army, in Georgia, they had a little comedy club in Columbus, and I would go do Open-Mic there. And when I had a little time off I would go do Open-Mic in Atlanta, too. And then one night, I got hypnotized on stage-and I was just going up to help the guy out. I didn’t think it would really work. But he was a nice guy, and I figured I’d just help him out, and at least just fill a chair for him – because nobody was getting up there. And the next thing I know-it’s an hour and a half later-I’m opening my eyes-and I was the star of the show. So after that, I said, “I have to learn how to do this.”

SLV: Did you wonder afterwards, if you did anything embarrassing?

Michael: I don’t get embarrassed easily, but I did a lot of things that I would not ordinarily do. In my show, we step over the line of good taste a lot-but I don’t think anybody has anything they need to be humiliated about. If you have a good sense of humor, you’re gonna really enjoy being a part of the show.

SLV: What method did you use to educate yourself about hypnosis?

Michael: I went to Miami, Florida and I learned from a guy there who’s name is Gerald Kine, and he is probably one of the top Hypnotherapists on the planet-doing this for 40 to 50 years. He’s made some incredible discoveries and breakthroughs. So I took what he taught me and I applied it to the stage. With the comedy background, it was a natural progression.

SLV: Do you have any extra sensitive abilities, or just great showmanship?

Michael: It’s the comedy and show-I love the “performance,”-and I love the challenge. You never know the kind of people you’re gonna get on stage-and you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s always new-it’s always fresh.

SLV: That must make some difficult nights for you.

Michael: Some nights you get an audience that doesn’t realize that it’s an audience participation show, and that they need to get involved. We take what we get on stage. We
make a show out of it. We never use plants or shills. We’ve never done that-and we never will-and quite frankly, that’s cheating.

SLV: The Adult-Rated comedy in your show-in particular-makes it uniquely hilarious. What are some of you comedic influences?

Michael: I love all different kinds of comedians. I don’t care if it’s dirty, if it’s clean… I love Seinfeld, a guy named Brian Regan-he’s absolutely brilliant. I also love guys like Carlin. And another guy, he’s dead now, he’s probably the greatest comedian who ever lived. His name was Bill Hicks. He would come on stage and tell you why you were stupid, how stupid you were, and you’d sit there and laugh at, ‘cause you’d say, “Yeah, this guy is right.” He was so funny. He was probably one of my biggest influences.

SLV: Do you have a favorite personality-style for a volunteer?

Michael: I would like to say the really, highenergy, fun people, but sometimes you get people on stage that are really timid and really quiet until you get them hypnotized-and they’re just insane.

SLV: I noticed the female volunteers seemed to really lose their inhibitions. They had like a “come-hither” look on their face. And then the male volunteers went to this innocent, trusting, child-like look.

Michael: Exactly-you never know. And other nights it’s exactly the opposite. (laughter)

SLV: Have you ever used your hypnosis techniques on a girlfriend, for your personal pleasure?

Michael: You know what? I think I can’t incriminate myself and answer that.

SLV: I had to ask…

Michael: No-I’ve never actually done that. Maybe I need to give that a try.

SLV: What do you like to do on your day or night off work?

Michael: I’m a single guy-kind of private. I’m waiting for Paris Hilton to come around. (laughter) I love the Vegas lifestyle. I like the restaurants, movies. I’m a sports car fanatic. I like to hit the interstate and drive as fast as I can… SLV

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Hypnosis Unleashed!
Harmon Theater inside Krāve
(Valet parking on Harmon Ave. at entrance of Desert Passage and Aladdin)
3663 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Showtimes: 9:00pm • 7 nights a week • Ages 21+
702-836-0836 • PURCHASE TICKETS