Best Shows in Las Vegas

Feb 2nd, 2006 | Category: In the Press

Hypnotist Michael Johns will have you roaring with laughter at the Stardust Hotel in his show “Hypnosis Gone Wild.” It is, and I do mean IS, an adult show with an original twist on hypnosis. He is funny, dirty, hip, cool, and a blast to watch. DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS! His whole act has a different slant on hypnosis that you have never seen before. He has taken this art form to a whole new level but, as he says, he NEVER actually crosses over the line. He gives the most insane and fun suggestions to his victims and some even get suggestions to take home with them after the show. I would love to follow them home just to watch!

Michael states, “I come from a stand-up background, so there’s a lot of comedy in my show, off-the-cuff stuff. In my show I never try to embarrass anybody. There’s a line I refuse to cross. Nobody is going to walk off my stage and feel ashamed!”

What is also great about this show is Michael is having as much fun as the audience! Go, have a fun night and watch suggestions become reality right before your very “laughing” eyes!

by Robin Roth, The Blonde from The Blonde and The Maven
Contributing Writer for South Florida’s Entertainment News & Views Magazine